Wind Power – Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power

Wind Power

Wind power is the conversion of wind into usable energy that has been used for hundreds of years. Sailors learned how to use wind within sails to move their ships faster than using rowers. The dutch created windmills to enable easier farming. Today, windmills have been replaced with wind turbines and are gaining in popularity.

The Pros and Cons - Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power

Wind Turbines are used for generating Wind Power

Wind power has numerous advantages, but it also has just as many disadvantages. The list of wind power pros and cons are given briefly below.

Advantages of Wind Power

Wind power or energy is becoming increasingly more popular within the United States, Germany, India, Spain and Denmark. Wind power is a renewable energy source. It is also good for the environment and is not a pollutant. There are many more pros of wind power. Here is a list of the major advantages of wind power.

The Pros

  1. Wind power is considered to be the cleanest renewable energy.
  2. Many nations are now turning to wind power to create electricity.
  3. It reduces the dependency on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are known to be huge causes of pollution. By using less fossil fuels for energy needs, the amount of pollution will decrease.
  4. Wind power does not create pollution. Wind is a natural occurrence and through the use of turbines wind is harnessed and converted to usable energy.
  5. The cost of wind power is now at a more reasonable price. The initial cost of the turbines is also the largest cost.
  6. When it is used in conjunction with solar power, energy or electricity is reliable and inexpensive.
  7. The land where the wind turbines sit is still able to be used for farming as the turbines take up very little ground space.
  8. Jobs are being created as more and more wind turbines are being built and maintained.

Disadvantages of Wind Power

While wind power seems the ideal energy source, there are many disadvantages. The spontaneity of natural occurrences is a concern of wind power. The loudness and the aesthetics of the turbines also are a deterrent to using wind power. Below is a list of the top disadvantages of wind power.

The Cons

  1. Wind turbines are very loud. The loudness of the turbines makes it impossible to build large “wind farms” near cities or towns.
  2. Since turbines cannot be built near cities or towns, they must be built farther out into non-populated areas. Wild life within the areas where the turbines are built are having difficulties adjusting and more and more are being harmed by them.
  3. Wind is not a constant source. Some days are windy and produce large amounts of energy, while other days are still and very little wind moves the turbines.
  4. Engineers must be employed when determining the best location and layout of wind turbine farms for the most opportune chances to create energy from the wind.
  5. Wind turbines are best used within coastal places because they generally have wind throughout the year. Very few locations are prime for turbines.
  6. People do not find wind turbines to be pleasing to the eye and many do not want them to be erected near their homes or cities. Petitions are generally circulated to stop the erection of wind turbines.

Wind turbines have both pros and cons, but it largely depends on the cause and the purpose of the project. Sometimes, for greater good we have to do sacrifice. But the disadvantages should be brought down as possible.

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