Recycling – Advantages of Recycling

Nature, creation of God has many things for men to learn from. Nothing is wasted in the cycle of natural process. Nitrogen, Carbon, Hydrogen cycles, are all the concepts of recycling process. The growing environmental pollution causing destructive situation has made men to concentrate on recycling things, to eradicate destruction to a certain extent and save life forms and nature. Science has made men to understand the recycle process and made them capable to recycle wood, metals, Organic and inorganic substance to benefit all living on this planet.

Advantages of Recycling

There are so many advantages of recycling. Some of the major recycling pros are described below.

Helps in saving natural resources

Advantages of Recycling - The Pros

World is very much concerned about the rapid extinction of natural resources. Many governments and NGO’s, trying for the conservation of forest, minerals, metals and many more hidden in the nature earth. Plenty, of amount is required in the extraction, which also spoils the nature echo system, and causing continual damages to nature wildlife. Recycling of metals, wood waste, plastics etc. helps in cut down the extraction and helps in the conservation of natural resources. Aluminum tins, plastic bins, cardboards, waste paper can be recycled easily to serve as raw material for producing new products.

Helps to save energy

Obviously we need fuel forms of energy for the extraction of natural deposits, converting metal ors to metal sheets, machines using fuel to cut down wood for paper and cardboards. All these process need more energy for producing raw material. Whereas the recycling of waste product into new product require less energy as it is already a raw material. Aluminum tins recycled to sheet forms for new tins or other items. Cardboards and paper can easily be converted to other paper products using less energy and also helps save the forests.

Community development

Everyone in the world has willed to save Mother Nature. Organizations and individual’s works in their focused fields, and joined hands for serving the same purpose i.e.  Promote recycling of waste and protect environment. This attitude towards protecting natural resources, controlling pollutant factors by joining and supporting each other and contributing to the noble cause, helps building strong community.

Creates employment chain

Concept of recycling wastes into useful product has given rise to recycling industries. Industries help in creating jobs. Manufacturing of industry machinery gives jobs to engineers, Technicians are need to run the machinery, helpers requires to help in the productions process, Suppliers are need for providing raw materials, Raw material is collected from dump yards, imagine how the wastage is collected at the dump yards. Therefore, a tremendous chain for employment appears and millions of people become the part of this employment chain.

Contributes to stronger economy

The concept for savings at every level gives rise to strong economy. More natural reserves, High employment rate, reduced energy cost, are all the factors which contribute in making economy strong and prosper.

Recycling prevents Earth from Contamination

Digging a ditch in the ground, pouring in the wastage and covering it with soil is a common method for disposal of wastage. Material such as metals and plastics are indestructible for a period of decades. Therefore, it can be recycled and converted into raw material for the production of usable products. Thus, the process of recycling is considered as Earth Friendly, and helps prevents earth from toxic contamination.

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