How To Drill a Water Well – 5 Simple Steps

Drilling a water well can be done yourself. Prior to beginning a drilling project ensure that it is safe to drill and that you fully understand the terminology associated with drilling a well. Generally, well drilling is left to a professional to ensure that the well is drilled correctly and has been properly flushed so the water is not contaminated.

The Process Drilling a Water Well

A water well

Drilling a Water Well

There are basic steps that should be followed when determining how to drill a water well. Make sure to understand the method of drilling a well. This is also sometimes called a borewell.  Research the topic well if the terminology is not being understood.

Step 1 – Drill  a Bore Hole

Drill a bore hole. This is done by running water down a piece of PVC pipe that is two inches in diameter. As water runs down, rotate the pipe back and forth. The PVC pipe the drill pipe, the PVC will have teeth cut into the end of it; this end is the drill bit. The cut teeth will help break up the dirt or soil. You will continue drilling until water is found.

Step 2 – Add Well Screen Pipe

Once the hole has been drilled and water has been located, a well screen pipe will need to be added. The PVC used to drill the hole cannot be removed until the well screen pipe is inserted or the hole will collapse closed again. Generally, the well screen pipe will insert into the PVC and then the PVC can be pulled out.

The well screen is a piece of pipe that has slits along the sides. This will allow water to enter and not dirt or soil. The well screen comes in various diameters and in four foot sections. When using two inch diameter PVC as the drill bit, you will want to use a well screen that is about one and quarter inches in diameter.  Glue the well screen to a PVC pipe that is one and quarter inches in diameter. You will need to add several four foot sections of screen wall to the pipe to cover the depth of the hole. Once it is glued to the pipe, insert the pipe into the original drill pipe.

Step 3 – Pulling The Original Drill Pipe

Pull the original drill pipe, the two inch pipe out of the hole. Be careful that the well mesh pipe does not also come out. The well mesh pipe that is left is the actual well. But you are not finished setting up the well yet.

Step 4 – Seal The New Well

The new well needs to be sealed to keep any contamination from entering the well and getting into the water. Make sure that the sand and soil has completely collapsed around the bottom of the well mesh pipe. If you are uncertain if the sand has collapsed around the end pour some sand into the hole around the pipe, up to about 20 feet from the surface. Once the sand is in place, then pour wet concrete around the pipe for only about 20 feet down.

Step 5 – Installation of Pump

Install the pump that will activate the well and make it functional.  Most well pump kits will have instructions included to make installing easy.

You can also check the article on Drilling a Water Well Cost to know the approximate costing for the water well drilling process.

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