How Much Does Concrete Cost Per Square Foot

The price of concrete has varying factors that will drive the cost either up or down depending upon the components of the concrete. The question is how much does concrete cost?

Concrete Cost

First, you would need to determine exactly what the use of the concrete will be. Then you will need to decide if plain concrete is what you are wanting or if you are looking for a more decorative concrete. Decorative concrete will, of course, cost much more than plain concrete. For some projects the extra cost for the decorative is worth it as it is more pleasing to the eye. For plain concrete, the expected cost is around $2.50 to $4.50 per square foot.

Varying Factors in Concrete Price

Some of the varying factors involved in concrete prices include preparing the sub-base, the concrete forms needed for the job, any grading that needs done as well as the finishing of the concrete. Also included is the actual cost of the concrete as well as the reinforcements needed for lasting concrete. The grading refers to the amount of dirt that will need to be moved to pour a level footing or pad. The sub-base is the sand and gravel that goes into the concrete and footings. Wire mesh and re-bar are typically used as reinforcements to help keep the concrete form cracking.  The forms are basically forms that mold the concrete into the pads, walls or whatever the project may be. The finishing of the concrete is the smoothing it out. This is a process that must be done by hand to ensure a nice cohesive finish to the project.

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