Clean Water – Importance of Clean Water

Over the years scientists have discovered the benefits of clean water and its direct relation to a person’s health. It has been found that drinking the recommended eight glasses of clean water daily is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It has been found that just a five percent reduction in bodily fluids, mainly water, can result in a 25-30% loss of energy in a person, whereas a 15% reduction of bodily fluids has been known to cause dehydration and even death.

The importance of clean water has many health benefits for the human body. It helps to regulate the salt balance, detoxification and absorption of nutrients within the body. Should a person consume unclean water, then additional toxins and bacteria are being introduced into the body causing illness and disease. The body’s nervous system is also affected by clean water. The nerves will transmit signals to the cells within the body and they work correctly when the clean water intake is at a normal level. When there is not enough clean water present, then the nerves will thicken with toxins like lead or man-made chemicals. Scientists and doctors have made discoveries regarding degenerative diseases, neurological disorders, anxiety, depression and even chronic fatigue syndrome regarding the correlation between those illnesses and diseases and clean water intake. The liver functions to detoxify the body and without clean water to flush through the liver, toxins will remain in the body. The liver is our filter system since the body is bombarded with toxins from several sources such as the air breathed in, the food eaten and the products all around. Clean water aids in purifying the body.

While clean water for drinking is extremely important to our overall health, it is also necessary for bathing, swimming and cooking. The skin absorbs toxins so if you are swimming or bathing in unclean water, the body will absorb all the bacteria and toxins that are not healthy for the body and will cause serious harm. The food we eat has pollutants including the meat we eat since the livestock and fish drink polluted water and their bodies do not fully flush those pollutants. When people digest the meat, the pollutants are then released into the body.

There are ways to help clean up the water sources in your area such as join a group that cleans trash from local streams and rivers. Ponds can have filters installed to help circulate the water so it does not become stagnant and bacteria filled. Place water filters on your faucets to aid in eliminating toxins from your bath water and drinking water.

Always have drinking water tested to ensure that it is clean water and will be healthy to ingest. Well water should be tested every year, in some areas; water wells should be tested every six months to ensure that the water is clean. When swimming, it is best to swim in pools that have been properly treated or in clear bodies of water.  To help flush toxins from the body drink at least the recommended amount of clean water daily.

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