4 Types of Concrete Used In Construction Works

Concrete is used for numerous projects ranging from small do-it-yourself projects to massive architectural buildings and structures. It is used for sidewalks, basements, floors, walls, and pillars along with many other uses.

4 Types of Concrete

There are many types of concrete that is used in the construction works. In general, there are four concrete types to choose from depending on the job being done.

Dry Ready Mix

This is the mix that can be found at most home improvement and hardware stores. It comes in bags usually ranging from 60 to 80 pounds. Dry ready mix is easy to mix and this is the mix that most do-it-yourself projects will require. The tools required for mixing are a bucket or wheelbarrow, shovel or hoe, trowel and a measured amount of water.

dry ready mix

Ready Mix

The difference between dry ready mix and ready mix is that the water is already added to ready mix. This concrete comes pre-mixed and is for larger do-it-yourself projects or for those who do not want to mix their own concrete. It is generally brought in a small trailer, usually with a mixing drum attached to keep it moist and mixed. Ready mix is generally more expensive and can be difficult to find. It also must be used right away or else it will set without being spread properly.

Ready Mix Concrete

Bulk Dry Materials

When planning for a large project it is sometimes more cost effective to purchase the dry materials in bulk. This will let the project be customized to the specific needs and usage of the concrete. The downside of buying in bulk is that there will need to be plenty of room for the materials to be stored prior to being used. The materials will also more than likely need to be delivered to the site.

Transit Mix

This is the mix that most cast-in-place concrete projects will use. It is generally trucked in using concrete trucks that have the large drum that keeps the concrete from setting up while in transit. It allows for one one continuous pour therefore less seams and stronger concrete overall. For large projects, transit mix is much more cost effective than purchasing bulk materials or ready mix since in both those the manpower to mix the concrete would have to be figured into the cost.

The type of concrete mix that is needed for a project will greatly depend on the project itself as well as the manpower available for the project. If it is a large-scale project then either bulk dry materials or transit mix will be the better options. Should it be a do-it-yourself home improvement project than dry ready mix or ready mix would be the better option. Most home improvement stores will carry the dry ready mix whereas the actual ready mix will be more difficult to find and will cost more money.

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